Why Choose Family First: Homecare Nursing

With so many facets of healthcare, nurses have many options to choose from. Whether you are fresh out of nursing school or you are just looking to change things up, here are 3 reasons why you should choose pediatric homecare with Family First.

Family Environment

When you join our team, you join our family. We work together to provide the highest quality homecare services, always lending a helping hand and creating a welcoming environment. When you work one-on-one with your patients, you also become part of their family. At Family First, you will find nothing but support and care.

“We truly are a family and we treat our families and nurses like we have known them our whole life.”

Mallory, Service Coordination Manager

“I have been able to express myself and be myself while also growing with the company. I noticed that Family First made me feel valued and cared for regardless of my personal situation. When I moved down to Florida from Michigan, I had no friends or family in the area and my colleagues did their best to help me get acclimated and feel like I had people here who cared about me. Family First is more than just a company but also a family in and of itself. Since the hiring process and day one in the office I have met extraordinarily great individuals who have not only been mentors but also people I can call my family.”

Trystan, Service Coordination Manager

Growth Opportunities

At Family First, we prioritize the development of our team members. From patient-specific training to professional development opportunities, you will always have a place to learn and grow, both professionally and personally.

“I chose Family First Homecare to gain more experience and further my own professional career. I see the development it puts in its employees, and I would like to be a part of that development.”

Shamyra, Service Coordination Manager

“Stepping into the role of Clinical Manager at Family First was a new adventure for me. I came from a background heavy in education and finally took the advice I have given to so many students to explore the world of nursing. I have learned so much, from new nursing techniques to management and leadership styles. I have worked with some of the best clinicians and have a new respect for the world of private duty pediatrics.”

Jackie, Clinical Manager

“I chose to work for Family First because of the values this company follows. Telling the truth, owning the details, and raising the bar are not just a slogan but a way of life. The culture not only at the entry level but also through senior leadership has helped me grow both professionally and as a human being.”

Trystan, Service Coordination Manager
Meaningful Work

Providing one-on-one care in the comfort of home allows for meaningful connections and relationships. Family First nurses get to help support sweet kids and young adults with medical complexities, helping them live their life outside of a hospital.

“I was nervous that the pediatric environment would be too emotionally difficult for me. I can honestly say that I was wrong. These children bring so much light and joy to my life. They teach me more about love and compassion than I knew was possible. They have changed me for the better, and I am thankful everyday that they are a part of my life.”

Jackie, Clinical Manager

“Pediatric homecare was a new field for me. Prior to being here I was in the hospice industry, so this is the total opposite. I am drawn to being in a position where I can advocate for people who can’t advocate for themselves, and pediatrics is the perfect field for that. I love playing a part in having these kids maintain the best quality of life possible at home with their families.”

Kiyanna, Service Coordination Manager

“Family First gave me purpose and although I did not see it when I first began my journey here, it helped me to put in the time and work not just with Family First, but with myself to challenge me, inspire me to step outside my comfort zone, grow, and along the way build good relationships across the board.”

Brittany, Director of Operations

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