Why Choose Family First: Pediatric Homecare Agency

Choosing a homecare agency to support your loved one can be a tough decision to make. You are entrusting people with the safety and care of your child. While there are many pediatric homecare agencies in today’s market, we tend to think we’re special. The magic is in our mission: To deliver the highest possible standards of both care and communication to the families we serve through our commitment to tell the truth, own the details, and raise the bar.

Tell the Truth

It’s essential to work with an open and honest homecare agency. At Family First, we are committed to telling the truth about everything from staffing levels to who will be the best fit for your family.

With us, you can expect to work with a reliable team of service coordinators and nurses who prioritize your peace of mind. We are always just a phone call away if you need something or have questions.

“The office staff at Family First have been compassionate and willing to answer any questions. Our daughter’s nurse is very caring and has become a part of the family.”

Parent of Patient

Own the Details

Our clients quickly become our family. As a homecare agency, we care about everything from family dynamics and favorite toys to nurse education and patient-nurse relationships. No detail is too small.

The relationship a family has with their homecare nurse is important. We recognize that every child and family is unique, so we get to know each and every family we work with to help find the perfect nurse. We want our nurses and clients to feel comfortable working with each other.

Your nurse will learn everything about your child’s needs in the patient-specific training that our nurses participate in. This ensures our patients get the highest quality of care and our nurses feel confident caring for their patients. Our nurses will learn everything from your child’s favorite activities to their specific medical needs, and all the details in between.

“The difference between [Family First] and all the other agencies that we have used is like night and day. Family First has well-trained, highly competent advanced care nursing, which is a must if anyone has needs like our child. What I can say is that these folks really care, I mean really care about our family. Before them, our lives were filled with stress and anxiety as we never knew where we stood with the other agencies.”

Parent of Patient

Raise the Bar

We understand the importance of getting and keeping your loved ones home and consider ourselves standard setters in the industry. We are redefining excellence in homecare by striving to improve and raise the bar in everything we do.

With Family First, you can feel confident in the services and care your loved one is receiving. We will always communicate with you, so you never have to guess or feel out of the loop. With our patient-specific nurse education, you can rest assured knowing your nurse is well-equipped to care for your child’s specific needs.  

“[Family First] has been very caring and attentive with my daughter’s needs. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for home health services, as you will not be disappointed. The nurses are very professional, efficient, trustworthy, and reliable. The company works as a team to provide solutions if any issues should arise and they always respond in a timely manner.”

Parent of Patient

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