Creating Connection in Pediatric Homecare

Human connection is vital for everyone – we know that. It’s backed by study after study. According to a study by John Hopkins University, social connections have been shown to lower depression and anxiety, improve empathy and compassion, help regulate emotions, boost self-esteem, and even improve the immune system. In pediatric homecare, we depend on the genuine connection between our patients, families, and nurses – It’s how we get you home.

Connection for the Family

We understand that worrying is a form of suffering. Having a loved one needing extra care can be tough to navigate and overwhelming. Add in fluorescent hospital lights, sleeping in a bed that isn’t yours, and reintroducing yourself to new nurses coming in and out every 12 hours — That’s a lot to deal with!

Feeling connected to your child’s nurse can eliminate many stressors. With Family First, your nurse will get to know your child as more than just a patient on the floor. Our homecare nurses understand their patient’s specific medical needs and are there to care for, get to know, and build a relationship with your child. They will know their name, personality, favorite games to play, and more – to name a few. Our nurses also connect with you, the family, and in many cases, become part of it. With us, you can rest assured that our attentive and caring nurses are right by your side and caring for your little one. 

“Family First Homecare has made such a positive impact on my husband’s and my life, for that I am forever grateful. The difference between them and all the other agencies that we have used is like night and day. Family First has well-trained highly competent advanced care nursing which is a must if anyone has needs like our child. What I can say is that these folks really care, I mean really care about our family. Before them our lives were filled with stress and anxiety as we never knew where we stood with the other agencies.”

Parent of Patient, Fort Meyers, FL

Connection for the Patient

We’ve said it before and will say it again: Home is not the hospital, and the hospital is not home. Pediatric homecare service is what we do. It’s what we believe in. Home is a safe space, especially for a child. Our goal is to get our patients home — to play with their toys and sleep in their bed. 

Our nurses are there to give patients exceptional care, advocate for them and their health, and build a relationship with them. They receive patient-specific education to provide exceptional homecare services. No more nurses in and out of a dull old hospital room. 

“We believe in our patients being at home. That’s the foundation of Family First Homecare, and it’s what keeps us motivated to engage our patients, their families, and our employees. It’s that connection that makes this work so special.”

Doug Drabina, Chief Development Officer

Giving pediatric patients a chance to build a relationship with their nurse, play with them, get to know them, and truly connect with them helps them to go from patient to kid. That shift can be life-giving.

Connection for the Nurse

Nursing is one of the most challenging careers. We all know them as healthcare heroes, and there is a reason that burnout is so common. Handling many patients simultaneously, running from room to room to administer medication, check vitals, and keep charts is extremely draining. It’s the reason turnover in the healthcare industry is so high.

Being a homecare nurse for Family First Homecare allows you to do meaningful work without burnout. Through our preceptor program, nurses receive the specific and necessary training needed to provide care to their patients, so all they have to worry about is doing the work they love to do – caring for and connecting with a child who needs extra help. Pediatric homecare is more than a job; it’s becoming part of a family. 

“I think that really just comes down to the way that we approach the business, which is if you take care of your nurses, you understand what’s important to them, and you align that with our families, that kid is going to get the best care possible.”

Employee of Family First Homecare

Let’s Get You Home

Whether you are the patient, the family, or the nurse, you deserve to live a life with connection. We provide exceptional services because we believe each patient deserves to enjoy life outside a hospital room’s four walls. We understand that our nurses are the backbone of our services and we are committed to creating a healthy work environment. We are creating the next iteration of what pediatric homecare service looks like. 

Now let’s get you home