Our preceptor program was built with you in mind.

Precepting is vital to promoting the competence, confidence and safety of new nurses in a new environment. Which is why Family First created our own Preceptor Program to ensure we continue to push homecare to its highest level of quality for our patients possible.

two nurses working at nurses station

Training the next generation of homecare excellence.

At Family First, our patients, caregivers, and nurses are family – and we treat them as such. Which is why Family First enrolls all newly graduated nurses beginning their careers in homecare into our Preceptor Program – an innovative model of preceptorship/mentorship that allows new nurses to learn from and shadow experts in the field, helping to meet the unique needs of homecare nurses to be successful with their patients and provide the highest quality care. 

We don’t give our preceptees a timeframe, ensuring that when they go on a case independently, they are going because they are 100% comfortable and confident in their knowledge and skills to be able to care for each specific patient.

Our Preceptors

Preceptors have the unique opportunity to have a profound impact on new graduate nurse’s introduction to the homecare field and their career development.

Our Mentees

Preceptees have the opportunity to grow their time management, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning skills,  imperative skills for safe and effective patient care.

Our Parents

Family First parents and caregivers quickly realize the value of our Preceptor Program when they no longer have issues with care that they did with their former homecare agency.

Our Patients

The Family First Preceptor Program was specifically built with our patients in mind to ensure they are always receiving the highest, most innovative quality of care.

Because getting – and keeping – them home is crucial.

  • Reduce rate of readmission. We are proud to have the lowest readmission rate of any pediatric home healthcare service in Florida and at many of our other homecare locations throughout the nation. Our preceptor program is responsible for just that.
  • Continuity & companionship. Part of the healing process is companionship. Our preceptor program trains our nurses to be able to provide that to your loved ones consistently and compassionately.
  • Emotional intelligence & privacy sensitivity. We understand that your home is your sanctuary. We train to use discretion in understanding the space or privacy necessary for each family to engage in typical discussion and other dynamics involved in the development of family bonds.
  • Consistent quality of care. It can be really frustrating when one caregiver is exceptional, then the next performs only basic tasks. Thanks to our Preceptor Program, we work hard to ensure this never happens.
mother with son sitting in wheelchair

A program with a solid home foundation.


Confusion in communication due to multiple caregivers caring for one client can be really stressful. We train to welcome and seek feedback and opportunities to develop the plan for care or other priorities collaboratively to avoid this.


We know our clients are on strict schedules and having a caregiver show up late means they could be left unattended. We train to ensure we avoid this.

Holistic Training

Our nurses are trained for the full extent of their assigned patients’ needs. Our program ensures you can rest assured – your loved ones will be well taken care of.


Our preceptor program ensures our nurses feel confident and happy in their roles, and understand the etiquette required to provide happy, comfortable homecare for patients.

Note Taking

It might sound like something small, but our preceptor program ensures our nurses learn to love note taking so your loved one’s electronic health records are always up-to-date! Every detail matters to every nurse you work with from Family First, from favorite foods to favorite PJs.


The field of homecare is complex and thus must be compassionate. We appreciate our nurses, and our preceptors ensure our nurses every step of the way that their jobs matter more than they know – to us, and to you.


Let’s get you home today.