Grow Your Nursing Career At Home

You likely became a nurse because you love helping people. Unfortunately, nurses deal with burnout more often than not. 95% of nurses have reported feeling burnt out within the last three years, and 85% have experienced career fatigue.

Maybe it’s time to change things up and reignite your love for nursing.

Working outside of a healthcare facility requires a different level of adaptability and critical thinking. Nurses in home healthcare must be quick on their feet, well-educated, and ready for whatever comes their way. As a homecare nurse, you will always be learning and growing your nursing career in order to best support your patients’ individual needs.  

One-on-one patient care.

Juggling patients is exhausting, which is why those burnout statistics aren’t all that surprising. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. As a homecare nurse with Family First, you will always provide one-on-one care. It’s an opportunity to provide meaningful care and truly get to know your patients.

Every patient is different and has complex medical needs. Our nurses receive patient-specific training and take part in specialized training programs as often as necessary. Learning the individual needs of each patient you see allows you to deepen your knowledge and grow your skillset while also giving you the opportunity to genuinely get to know the child you are caring for.

“I love working one-on-one. It allows me to give my patients the care they deserve instead of having to rush around between multiple patients. Because it’s one-on-one care, I start to understand them much more. I understand what each cry and their body language means, what their favorite music and colors are, what their favorite foods are, etc. It makes the day that much better when you do the things they love.”

Licensed Practical Nurse
Preceptor Program

Whether you are a preceptee or a preceptor, you can grow your career through our Preceptor Program. It’s an innovative model of mentorship that allows new nurses to learn from and shadow experts in the field, helping to meet the unique needs of homecare nurses to be successful with their patients and provide the highest quality care. 

We enroll all newly graduated nurses beginning their homecare careers into the program to teach them the necessary skills to care for each of their patients. Our nurses learn high-end critical pediatric nursing, communication skills, punctuality, professionalism, and more. We don’t give our preceptees a timeframe. Instead, we ensure you receive all the training you need to promote competence, confidence, and safety.

Our preceptors are experts in the field who have the unique opportunity to have a profound impact on new nurses as they enter the homecare field. Our seasoned nurses get the privilege of passing down their expertise and building up the next generation of caregivers while building up their own leadership and teaching skills.

“We ensure that our nurses get the best training. Our Preceptor Program teaches brand new nurses and veteran nurses about g-tubes, trachs, and vents. After graduating from the Preceptor Program, those nurses can then become Preceptors and teach other nurses.”

Service Coordination Manager

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