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Caregiver Spotlight - April 2021

Diana Hill of FFHC Pasco

Diana Hill is a phenomenal nurse with a genuine and unique gift of care that is obvious to anyone who meets her. When considering amongst our wonderful caregivers for this month’s spotlight, she was the unanimous choice. Diana has worked with multiple patients and their families in the most challenging of situations, and she epitomizes and embodies the word “Caregiver” like no one else. She volunteers for assignments that most would understandably hesitate to take on. Whether we are bringing home from the hospital a trach and vent dependent newborn or we have a last-minute shift to fill, Diana is more often than not the first call we make. Thank you, Diana, for representing the spirit of Family First Homecare in all that you do.

– FFHC Pasco

Client Spotlight - April 2021

Jayda of FFHC Ocala

Jayda, 9 years old, loves to sing, wheelchair dance, swim, and being outside playing with her siblings.  She has Cerebral Palsy and has had a challenging life since birth because she was a 25-week gestation preemie.

Every day she continues to improve with her understanding and expressing her needs and wants. Her favorite nurse from Family first has all the essentials a nurse should have: Caring, loving, and understanding. Her nurse says Jayda was one of the cool kids she works with! She has finally found her forever home with Family First Homecare.

– FFHC Ocala

Home Health Updates & Uplifting Stories

Better Systems, Better Controls and a Digitized Industry’: Analyzing PE’s Impact on Home-Based Care

The role of private equity in healthcare has recently come under scrutiny in Washington, as lawmakers argue over the effect of private investors in a sector that relies heavily on public funding. The fact is, private equity has been a part of the healthcare industry for a long time and has both contributed innovations and committed abuses. How can these disparities be addressed to the benefit of all concerned?

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