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Caregiver Spotlight - August 2020

Germine Lawrence

Germine is a very loyal and trusting employee who always goes above and beyond for her patients, families and fellow employees. She serves as our #1 Preceptor and regardless of the time of day, she makes herself available to ensure that the other nurses are well prepared and gives that added comfort level to the families we work with. Germine is the epitome of what we here at Family First look for in an employee regardless of what position you hold! We are proud and honored to have her as part of our team here in Fort Myers!

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Client Spotlight - August 2020


Ariana is a 2 year old client who has been with us since 11/28/19. We have provided care 24/7 since then and from what the nurses and clinical team say she has grown so much in that short time. Mom Nateisha is a mom like no other! She goes above and beyond for our nurses to make sure they are comfortable and happy during shift. Ariana and her family have been a pleasure to work with and provide services for. Providing services to a client who you truly do not know personally but you know them through the phone is one thing but going out to meet the little angel is something else! Every time someone from our Pinellas team goes out to meet with her we get excited because she 100% always puts a smile out our face, from seeing her crawl, to seeing her walk, to seeing/hearing about her eating foods for the first time, to seeing her with her new puppy that mommy and daddy got there is never a dull moment with this one! Being able to put a face to the name changes everything, because now when you see her name on a paper or email or talking to mom on the phone you picture her sweet little face and you smile! The Pinellas team is truly honored to work with this family and will continue to provide the best services that we possibly can to continue to see her grow, and smile but to also help mom and dad have a work life balance.

-FFHC Pinellas.

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