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Caregiver Spotlight - September 2020

Eunice Montero

Special shout out with extreme gratitude and appreciation goes to Eunice Montero, LPN. Described by the mother of one of our clients “during a very fearful moment when her son’s trach accidently dislodged, Eunice saved my son’s life”. THANK YOU Eunice for your prompt attentiveness and effective management during this critical moment. Eunice has been a pleasure to work with and makes the patient her top priority. She is always willing to help when the office is in need and has proven time and time again to be one of our most valuable clinicians. We are proud to have her in the field representing our branch and company!

– FFHC Bradenton

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Client Spotlight - September 2020

Isaac T.

Isaac T. – It is my great pleasure to nominate Isaac T. as our client spotlight. Isaac has been with Jacksonville Locations for two years. When Isaac joined the Family First Team at birth, Isaac came to us with no diagnosis. After two years they have finally diagnosis of a rare congenital muscular disease. During those two years with Family First we have had the honor of seeing Isaac grow and overcome some of his challenges such as the interaction between Isaac and his nurses and walking in his gait training .

– FFHC Jacksonville

Home Health Updates & Uplifting Stories

Many Pediatric Heart Nurses Struggle With Emotional Exhaustion

A survey of nurses caring for children with heart issues reveals that more than half are emotionally exhausted. The findings, recently presented at The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2020, also show that good working environments are associated with significantly less burnout.

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Pandemic Pushes Parents Of Kids With Special Needs To Breaking Point

Lilian Ansari used to look forward to the moment each day when her daughter Atrina, 11, and son Ardalon, 15, got on the bus to school. “I would literally collapse on the kitchen floor and say, ‘Thank you, Oakland School District, for taking my kids,’” said Ansari of Oakland, Calif., whose children have autism and special health care needs. Then her kids’ school shut down.

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Why Children are in Pediatric Nursing Homes, Separated From Family by COVID-19

As The Wall Street Journal recently reported, many residents of New York’s pediatric nursing homes, who are medically fragile children under the age of 21, have been unable to see their parents since the onset of the state’s COVID-19 crisis. The state’s strict nursing home guidelines mandates that visitors cannot be allowed into these facilities unless there have been 28 days without a positive coronavirus case. Many parents have been advocating for the state’s protocols to loosen so they can visit their children, who they fear are being emotionally harmed by the prolonged separation. Children are comparatively much less vulnerable to the disease than elderly individuals in nursing homes.

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