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Caregiver Spotlight - November 2020

Karen of FFHC Lakeland

Karen has been an exemplary caregiver for the Lakeland office. Her positivity, reliability, flexibility, and compassion shines through as she continues to go above and beyond. She never says no to helping precept other nurses or to provide care to a family in need, even when we are in a pinch and reach out at the last minute. Karen is truly the embodiment of the Family First Homecare culture and a cherished member of this team. We truly appreciate and enjoy working with such a wonderful team member!

– FFHC Lakeland

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Client Spotlight - November 2020

Remi of FFHC Orlando

Remi came home permanently in June of 2019 with Family First Homecare Orlando as their first CCT admission! She has been home ever since. She is now off her vent all the time, and working towards getting off of it at night, she is walking and making all kinds of noise around her trach through her speaking valve. Remi is 30x her birth weight, and 3x her birth length, she has surpassed all expectations and amazes us daily!

– FFHC Orlando

Home Health Updates & Uplifting Stories

Young Girl Shares Experience with Rare Disease

Doctors estimate this disease affects one in 200 children. There are many obstacles that come along with it — troubles with insurance coverage as well as common misdiagnoses that’s left families in the dark.

Clara McCloskey is sharing her experience with the disease in hopes to shine some light for other families going through a similar situation.

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Disability & Health Information for Family Caregivers

These general caregiving tips provide families with information on how to stay healthy and positive. Keep in mind that these tips can be used to address many family issues. Information, support, advocacy, empowerment, care, and balance can be the foundation for a healthy family and are appropriate no matter what the challenge.

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Pandemic Pushes Parents Of Kids With Special Needs To Breaking Point

Lilian Ansari used to look forward to the moment each day when her daughter Atrina, 11, and son Ardalon, 15, got on the bus to school. “I would literally collapse on the kitchen floor and say, ‘Thank you, Oakland School District, for taking my kids,’” said Ansari of Oakland, Calif., whose children have autism and special health care needs. Then her kids’ school shut down.

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Many Pediatric Heart Nurses Struggle With Emotional Exhaustion

A survey of nurses caring for children with heart issues reveals that more than half are emotionally exhausted. The findings, recently presented at The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2020, also show that good working environments are associated with significantly less burnout.

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