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Caregiver Spotlight - January 2021

Celso of FFHC Fort Myers

Celso works with one of our clients and the day before Thanksgiving, our clients home burnt to the ground. Everyone in the home were able to get out safely, however it was a total loss to the family. Celso took it upon himself to go and bring our client and the family to his home where he gave up his own bedroom so our client and family would feel safe. Celso also started a fundraiser on his Facebook profile to raise money and clothing for the family. As of this time, he continues to help this family find a new home and is there for them at anytime they need him or his support. Obviously, our Toys For Tots program is geared to this family as well.

Since day one of Celso being part of the Fort Myers Family First team, he has shown the compassion and empathy that represents the mission statement that Family First is about and continues to champion the care and well-being of the families we serve.

– FFHC Fort Myers

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Client Spotlight - January 2021

Faythe & Joshua of FFHC Pinellas

Faythe & Joshua have been clients of the Pinellas team since 2019 and have been such a pleasure to work with and provide care for. Jennifer (mom) called us looking for services for her kiddos as she was informed that she was able to receive help after 13 years of providing the care herself. We were able to provide her a nurse who was a great fit and has been with them since day one and has become family. Faythe and Joshua are 14 years old and are very happy kiddos who love animals of all kinds as there room is full of paintings, and pictures of all kinds of animals. They really enjoy going outside for walks with family, friends, and there nurse. The nurse Erik who works on the case is truly one of a kind, goes above and beyond for the family and truly is the definition of an outstanding nurse, and mom speaks very highly of him. Jennifer, Faythe, and Josh have been a true pleasure to work with and we are very happy to have them as a client.

– FFHC Pinellas

Home Health Updates & Uplifting Stories

Breakthrough Test for Cerebral Palsy

A half a million people are living with cerebral palsy right now. CP is the most common of all childhood disabilities, affecting movement and posture and is most often caused by lack of blood flow to the brain at birth. The earlier it’s diagnosed; the sooner treatments and therapies can begin. A new breakthrough may help to change the lives of these children forever.

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Mental Health Needs During COVID-19

Mental health has been an important health topic recently, especially due to COVID-19. However, children are often overlooked. We sometimes think that children don’t entirely understand what’s going on and therefore are experiencing no emotions out of the ordinary. This is simply untrue.

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