A career that feels like home.

Our culture, flexibility, and caseload will give you the work-life balance you’ve been waiting for. At Family First, our commitment to tell the truth, own the details, and raise the bar is evident in everything we do. Let’s get you home.

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What we stand for.

Tell the Truth

As a homecare agency, it’s crucial that we are honest about everything and follow through on our promises.

Own the Details

We care about everything from family dynamic to favorite toys – no detail is too small. We aim to find the best possible nurse-patient match every time.

Raise the Bar

We ensure higher standards in everything we do, from training and support for our nurses, to the care we give our patients.

Family First Teammates

Teammates that feel like family.

We are made up of experienced professionals focused on raising the bar within pediatric homecare. When you join our team, you join our family. We work together to provide the highest quality care, always lending a helping a hand and creating a welcoming environment.

Because your needs matter to us.

  • Flexible work schedules
  • One-on-one patient care
  • Patient-and-nurse matchmaking
  • Interactive and personalized training programs

Giving you the skills you need.

Family First’s preceptor and training programs will provide you the skills you need to succeed. We welcome new and tenured nurses that want to learn new skills and grow in their specialities. Our patient-specific trainings ensure patient safety and nursing success.

An impact that goes beyond the office.

Family First prioritizes community involvement and giving back.

Community Support

A career with Family First is unlike any other.

At Family First, we live by our values of telling the truth, owning the details, and raising the bar. We work hard to make your job an experience that you enjoy every day. You will provide one-on-one care to your patient in the comfort of their home and become a part of our family as well as the families you care for.

Join Our Family!

Join us in creating the next iteration of what homecare should look like.

What our employees are saying.