Family First Homecare. 

Family First Homecare provides exceptional homecare services to children with life-long health conditions. Because your loved one deserves to enjoy life in the comfort of their homes – not a hospital.

Redefining excellence in homecare.

Neither the patients/families or nurses want to be trapped in the hospital forever, someone had to find a better way to get them back to the comfort and freedom of their home environment. Family First was founded to do exactly that.

Delivering the highest possible standards of both care and communication to the families we serve, Family First Homecare understands the importance of getting – and keeping – your loved one home: where there can be home-cooked meals, where favorite toys and clothes are within reach, and where children with complex medical conditions can enjoy fulfilling lives outside of a hospital setting.

Pediatric Care

Our pediatric care program helps patients with complex medical conditions continue their lives in the comfort of their homes.

Critical Care Transition

Our Critical Care Transition Program helps high-acute patients get home smoother and safer – and with a reduced rate of readmission.

Critical Care Transition

We make everyone feel at home.

Standard Setters

We tell parents it takes a village to raise children that are medically fragile. Our care coordinators consider themselves part of your village from the second your loved one becomes our client.

Patient-Specific Education

We ensure that the nurses we send out into our patient’s home are educated in how to care for each client via our customized care plans. From family dynamics to favorites toys, we’ll learn every detail.

We Love Our Nurses

Nurses are the backbone of Family First’s magic. We prioritize career growth, and advocate for our nurses’ continued education so they can, in turn, provide the highest possible care to patients.


We recognize that each child and family is unique. Our Family First Service Coordination Managers (SCMs) schedule an in-home visit with your family prior to assigning a nurse. Our SCMs will work with families to determine the best fit possible to increase satisfaction.

Family Culture

When it comes to company culture, our name says it all. We seek to create an environment that has everything other homecare agencies are lacking. We treat our colleagues and clients like family.

Just a Phone Call Away

Reliability is everything. In addition to having offices across the Southeast and a large network of dedicated homecare nurses, we can also be reached 24/7 to answer all your questions.

Home is where you really make a difference. 

From flexible schedules, to nurse-and-patient matchmaking, Family First is creating the next iteration of what homecare careers should be about: remembering why you became a homecare nurse in the first place.

caregiver examining young girl

Home is where everyone can spend more time with their loved ones.

Tired of having to go through three sliding doors just to see your kid? What about having to wait until visiting hours to hold your newborn? These were the pain points Family First Homecare sought to solve-for in the world of pediatric homecare services. 

Home is where you can have home-cooked meals. Where the coffee doesn’t come from a vending machine. And where your loved one gets the exceptional care they need from a caring nurse in a comfortable environment. Let’s get you – and your loved one – home today.


TO REPORT AN ETHICS OR COMPLIANCE CONCERN Anonymous hotline: 1-855-662-SAFE (7233) Company code: 1566442717

Let’s get you home today.