Our Preceptor Program

Nursing is a career with many paths to follow, requiring a vast skillset. With all the different niches and nuances, it can be hard to feel confident in your skills when transitioning to a new area of nursing. It’s even more nerve-wracking when you are starting your first nursing job on your own after graduating.

At Family First, we prioritize educating and training our nurses. They are the healing hands that keep our kids at home. It’s through our Preceptor Program that our nurses can learn everything they need to know to confidently provide exceptional homecare services to each individual patient.

To give you a better glimpse into what our nurses truly experience, we’ll let them tell you!

How did the Preceptor Program elevate your skillset?

“The hands-on experience was very important and helpful, especially for handling trach and vents. I have a better understanding of how to deal with them now.” – Julie, LPN, Saint Cloud, FL

“In every way. Gave me confidence.” – Cleveland, LPN, Kissimmee, FL

“The program helped me to be more confident and get comfortable with new skills in a field of nursing that was new to me.” – LPN, Ocala, FL

“I had never worked in home health before and learned all about g-tube care. Later on, I learned trach and ventilator care. These were all new skills for me. I also learned a few tips from the nurses that really helped, including charting.” – Kevin, LPN, Ocala, FL

“I have knowledge now I did not have before. I still continue watching videos to become a better nurse and be able to provide quality care.” – Roberto, Manatee County, FL

“The Preceptor Program has helped me in so many different ways, punctuality, professionalism, and communication.” – Dana, LPN, St. Petersburg, FL

Briefly describe your experience in the Preceptor Program.

“It was a great experience. I studied the new skills in the Relias training program and then went out in the field and learned hands-on from nurses caring for their patients. The nurses were a big help and showed me some tips they learned over time that I use every day now. After I felt comfortable with the new skills, I went to the office and performed them with my supervisor. She also helped give me some pointers and made sure I knew how to perform the skills properly.” – Kevin, LPN, Ocala, FL

“My preceptors were very nice and knowledgeable. I was able to learn a lot from them and the patients.” – Julie, LPN, Saint Cloud, FL

“I had great preceptors training me with patience and amazing guidance.” – Juliette, RN, Tampa, FL

“Although I mostly shadowed my preceptor, I was given the opportunity to independently perform certain tasks, which consequently boosted my level of confidence.” – Dominique, LPN, Ocala, FL

“Hands-on training that helps to improve any hands-on skills you may still need to perfect/ better and a chance to practice your time management and problem-solving with someone else before you’re on your own.” – Kayla, LPN, Sarasota, FL

“My preceptors were kind and understanding. They took the time to explain things to me and to make a connection with me as a new healthcare worker.” – Izabelle, LPN, Pinellas Park, FL

Which program component helped you the most when transitioning into the field?
pie chart of preceptor program components

Our Preceptor Program ensures our nurses are set up for success when they head out into the field. Preceptees learn imperative skills for safe care from tenured Preceptors who are excited about building up the next generation of homecare nurses. Our families can see the difference our Preceptor Program makes, ensuring they are always receiving the highest, most innovative quality of care.

Learn more about the program here. Let’s get you home.