Health Unit Coordinators Week 2023: SCM Spotlight

Health Unit Coordinators Week reminds us of the essential work being done behind the scenes to keep our patients happy, healthy, and home. At Family First, we are using this week to celebrate all of our Service Coordination Managers (SCMs) who work tirelessly to keep our nurses cared for, our families staffed, and our patients home.

Hear from some of our SCMs below!

Shamyra – Media, PA

“I enjoy learning about all the operational side of what it takes to make sure all the families and nurses are taken care of. I love to see the enjoyment of the families when they are fully staffed. The most rewarding part for me is when the nurses and families are a good fit for each other. I know sometimes it is hard to ensure a perfect fit, but when it happens, I am extremely excited!”

– Shamyra, Service Coordination Manager

family first service coordination manager
family first service coordination manager
Zach – Leesburg, FL

“What I love most about my job is being able to form bonds with the families we are helping as well as knowing I am making a positive impact in their lives. I can help someone every day and doing my job correctly makes their day. It’s also very rewarding to get this type of experience and to be able to learn and grow in this leadership position.”

– Zach, Service Coordination Manager

Jessica, Gabriella, and Brandy – Jacksonville, FL

“I love when I can match clinicians to the right family and get them adequate staffing. It’s rewarding when families are faced with an obstacle for staffing, and we can alleviate their stress by getting them covered.”

– Brandy, Service Coordination Manager

family first service coordination manager
family first service coordination manager
Julie – Illinois

“Being able to give families an opportunity to put their lives back together and knowing that the care their kiddo gets in the home will let them thrive is truly a blessing! The team I work with at Family First are some of the most dedicated and caring people I have ever met. Every day I am encouraged and supported to help me not only reach but surpass my goals.”

– Julie, Service Coordination Manager

“I’m so proud to say that Julie is part of my team.  I have had the privilege of working by her side for 25 years now.  In that time, she has shown immense compassion for not only the families we serve but also the caregivers on our team. She is on the front lines of our fight to get the families the care they need, and she handles that challenge with grace and never-ending commitment.”

– Beth, Director of Operations

We are so grateful for all of our SCMs and the work they do to ensure the highest quality services for our patients and families. Happy Health Unit Coordinators Week!

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