Meet Our Family: Jacksonville Office

At Family First Homecare, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional pediatric home healthcare services. Today, we shine a spotlight on our Jacksonville office, where our dedicated team works together to support our patients and families. 

Welcome to Jacksonville 

Family First Jacksonville offers standard-setting pediatric homecare services for families in Duval County. Our Jacksonville team works hard to keep their patients healthy and home.  

Meet Our Team 

Our Jacksonville team is a close-knit group dedicated to the care of their patients and families. From the clinical manager, to the nurses in the field, the Jacksonville team is committed to collaborating and working together to make sure their patients are happy and home. 

“The amazing and friendly staff makes working here EXTREMELY easy.”

– JacQuetta, Nurse 

“Working at Family First is more than just a job. You are joining a family. We care as much about each other as we do our patients.”

– Jackie, Clinical Manager 

Shanda has worked with the Jacksonville office since 2017! She is loved by her patients and their families. She is always willing to help pick up shifts. The only issue we have is that once a family has Shanda, they never want to let her go! She has been Jacksonville’s MVP and comes to the office with her patients whenever she has the chance. When asked about her time with Family First, Shanda replied, “They pair me up with multiple families and work around my needs as a nurse. I couldn’t ask for a better work family.” 

Our Home Away From Home 

The Jacksonville office is a home base for all employees, from field nurses to personnel coordinators, to find support and resources to help them grow and provide the best care to our families. We have a dedicated skills lab where our nurses can stay up to date on their training, and we host an annual skills fair, always with a theme. This year’s theme was April Showers Bring May Flowers.  

Making a Difference 

The team in our Daytona office has showed their dedication to our families countless times. They consistently own the details to make sure patients have everything they need and nurses have support. 

“Family First has never sent me somewhere that I was not comfortable with the care. They bring you into the office and give you all the direction that you need to be successful to your pediatric patients. And did I tell you how awesome the little people are?!?! I look at my clients as my bonus kids. I love each and every one of them. Thanks, Family First Homecare, for allowing me the opportunity to make a difference!”

– JacQuetta, Nurse 

“I was nervous that the pediatric environment would be too emotionally difficult for me. I can honestly say that I was wrong. These children bring so much light and joy to my life. They teach me more about love and compassion than I knew was possible. They have changed me for the better, and I am thankful everyday that they are a part of my life.”

– Jackie, Clinical Manager 

Always Raising The Bar 

Family First Jacksonville is a perfect example of Raising the Bar. From professional development to patient care, they work tirelessly to deliver the highest possible standards of both care and communication to the families we serve and the team members we work with.   

“When Hurricane Ian of 2022 hit, I was out of power and trapped at my home for days. I was the operations personnel responsible for checking in on patients and field team members and was not able to effectively do so. The director of the Jacksonville office stepped in and checked in on all Daytona’s AND Jacksonville’s families ensuring they were sheltered in a safe place and with power. This is an unquestionable example of collaboration with trusted colleagues.”

– Meghan Bastenbeck Associate Director of Operations, Family First Daytona 

“Everyone is dedicated to the best care of the children and their families. Every decision is made with that idea in mind. If we keep our kids happy and healthy everyone wins.”

– Jackie, Clinical Manager 

At Family First, we promise to Raise the Bar, Own the Details, and Tell the Truth.  Our Jacksonville office stands as a beacon of this commitment, serving as a hub of healing, support, and hope for families throughout our community.  

Visit Family First Jacksonville at 6800 Southpoint Pkwy # 100, Jacksonville, FL 32216.  

Interested in joining our Jacksonville team? View open opportunities here.