Top Testimonials

In the world of healthcare, it’s often the stories and experiences that speak the loudest. We’ve gathered some of our top testimonials from families and nurses. These testimonials are more than just words; they are a testament to the highest level of service, care, and compassion that Family First offers.

Our Families

“I want to express my gratitude towards Family First Homecare, especially Brittany and Janice. They have been very caring and attentive with my daughter’s needs. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for home health services, as you will not be disappointed. The nurses are very professional, efficient, trustworthy, and reliable. The company works as a team to provide solutions if any issues should arise, and they always respond in a timely manner. Thank you, Family First Homecare, for being there when we need you!” – The Munoz Family

“Family First Homecare has staffed us with nurses who go above and beyond to care for Kai. Lesa and Vilma both come into our home and feel like family, and they treat Kai as such as well. Kai has a hard time adjusting and warming up to new people, but he quickly built a bond with Vilma that surprised us all, and is very excited to see her there when he wakes up in the morning. As his parents it’s hard to trust anyone to care for your child, let alone a child with significant needs but Family First Homecare made that transition seamless and easy with their open communication and understanding that the nurse has to be a perfect fit all around.” – Stephanie K.

“We have had Family First as our nursing agency since my daughter came home from All Children’s Hospital. Our daughter is dependent on a tracheostomy and a respirator. She is currently on a transplant list for a double lung transplant. Most recently, we were prepared to withdraw life support as we were told she was no longer able to keep fighting. During this difficult time, Jennifer, the Director of Nursing, and her clinical team continued to reach out and even made visits to our daughter and family while in the hospital. Without this agency and their skillfully trained nurses, our family honestly does not know where we would be in managing all the complexities of her care. We will stay with this agency for as long as our daughter requires skilled nursing.” – K.T.

“Family first has been life-changing. They have given us the ability to be parents again and not just constantly be the caregiver. I’m a better Mom because of the care my daughter is receiving from her nurses.” – Kristy C.

Our Team

“I have been part of the Family First family for about a year and a half now and have had the opportunity to work with all levels of team members behind the scenes, on both the operations and clinical sides, as well as many team members in the corporate office. I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and drive to raise the bar of the entire team.  It feels great to work for a company that understands the value of their employees and strives to always do better and grow.” – Beth, Director of Operations

“I definitely didn’t go into nursing school with private duty nursing as my goal, and I without a doubt went into nursing school completely against pediatrics. But the joke is on me because I’ve been with this family for four years, and it has been the most gratifying, fulfilling experience of my life outside of my personal family. Not only having a front row seat, but a vital hands-on role in this little guy’s fight and journey to reaching goals he was never supposed to reach is really what has made private duty nursing the place for me.” – Jennifer, Field Nurse

“I was nervous that the pediatric environment would be too emotionally difficult for me. I can honestly say that I was wrong. These children bring so much light and joy to my life. They teach me more about love and compassion than I knew was possible. They have changed me for the better, and I am thankful everyday that they are a part of my life.” – Jackie, Clinical Manager

“I love working one-on-one. That allows for me to give them the care they deserve instead of having to rush around between multiple patients. Because it’s one-on-one care, I start to understand them much more. I understand what each cry and their body language means, what their favorite music and colors are, what their favorite foods are, etc. It makes the day that much better when you do the things they love.” – Field Nurse

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