National Nurses Month: Honoring the Heart of Pediatric Homecare

As we celebrate Nurses Month, we want to shine a spotlight on our unique and deeply impactful field of pediatric homecare. Pediatric homecare nurses provide essential medical care and support to children in the comfort of their own homes, making a profound difference in the lives of patients and their families. These dedicated professionals combine clinical expertise with compassionate care to keep our kids at home. Join us as we celebrate some of the heroes who bring healing and hope to the families we serve. 

Ramona, Sarasota

“We are super lucky to have Ramona on our team as she is a great advocate for her patient and the patient’s family loves her! She is timely with submitting her notes and communication with our office, and she is motivated to help make appointments for her patient and reach out to the doctor’s office for assistance. She is always pleasant to speak with and a great representative of Family First Homecare. We are so glad she truly loves her job!” 

Germine, Fort Myers

“Germine has been with us for 6 years, always pulling through when we need her to! She is always picking up extra shifts and if that doesn’t show dedication then I don’t know what does! Always making sure our kiddos have someone there to help them, she is a prime example of Raising the Bar. Germine is our #1 Preceptor, having trained a large majority of our preceptees and trach/vent nurses. We have the pleasure of seeing her often as she is always coming into the office after her long night shifts. It is always a blast with her!” 

Megan, Pensacola

“Megan never hesitates to make sure her patient comes first. She is reliable, caring, and always has a great attitude.” 

Kelisha, West Palm Beach

“Kelisha is a bright star when it comes to being a homecare nurse. She demonstrates a team player and puts her client’s needs ahead of our own. She has worked her way from being a gtube nurse to full trach and vent nurse that allows her to cover open gaps on her clients and others. Thank you, Kelisha, for being an exceptional, trusted teammate and a compassionate caregiver. Your tireless efforts and unwavering commitment make a profound difference in the lives of those you touch!” 

Elena, Bradenton (Manatee)

“Elena has been with the Family First Homecare office in Manatee County for less than a year and has made such an impact in such a short time, which goes to show how deserving she is to be named our 2024 Q2 MVP!  She currently works in one of our busiest multi-client homes. Elena continuously gives her time to help support other nurses on the case by jumping in to provide coverage or sharing shifts to help her fellow nurses that are on the case and the family. She always has such a positive outlook, and it shows in her day-to-day work how much she cares for these children. 

Our office appreciates her willingness to help even with short notice, her unwavering loyalty, her compassion for caring for our kiddos, and how easy it is to communicate with her. Her charting is always very thorough making it seamless to transition care to the family and other nurses. Elena gets along very well with our families, office staff, and other nurses, and we all have nothing but nice things to say about her!  We are so lucky to have such a kind and devoted nurse like Elena be a part of the Manatee team and we are honored to have the opportunity to continue watching her grow in her career.” 

Myra, Illinois

“Myra has been a dedicated nurse on our team for just shy of 20 years. In that time, she has always been professional, dedicated, and dependable. Aside from her compassionate care as a one-on-one nurse, she has helped with training new nurses in pediatrics, helped with occasional skills checks when our internal clinicians were swamped, and has bounced around to care for many different kids over the years, going wherever she is needed the most. We couldn’t find a better representation of a homecare hero if we tried. We are so fortunate to have her on our team and are thankful for the years of care she’s provided to so many families.” 

Titi, Clearwater (Pinellas)

“Titi is a nurse we can ALWAYS rely on. She is one of our best preceptor nurses and is trustworthy, helpful, and committed. She can make the whole room light up with how bubbly she is. All of our preceptees always say how helpful and welcoming Titi is. We absolutely love her!”  

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