Meet Our Family: Daytona Office

At Family First Homecare, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional pediatric home healthcare services. Today, we shine a spotlight on our Daytona office, where our dedicated team works together to support our patients and families.

Welcome to Daytona

Family First Daytona offers standard-setting pediatric homecare services for families in the area. Nurses and employees have access to all training and resources needed to provide exceptional care and keep our kiddos home.

Meet Our Team

The Daytona team consistently delivers exceptional service, exemplifying professionalism and dedication. They collaborate across the team to ensure their families are staffed, safe and cared for.

“Our team is supportive, encouraging, and accountable. We all know what each other’s favorite things are, but also know what each other’s limitations are.”

– Meghan, Associate Director of Operations

“The culture of Family First Daytona is inspiring, collaborative, inclusive, and rewarding all in one!”

– Meghan, Associate Director of Operations

Our Home Away From Home

The Family First Daytona office is a home base for all employees, from field nurses to personnel coordinators, to find support and resources to help them grow professionally and personally, and provide the best care to our families. It’s in the office that team members come together to staff families, troubleshoot obstacles, and bond with their coworkers.

“We have a new personnel coordinator and at her 30 days, we had a breakfast celebration. Our director of nursing brought in a waffle maker and we made homemade waffles, turkey sausage, and had fruit salad. We all ate together celebrating the new member of our team and spoke about our office goals for the upcoming future.”

– Meghan, Associate Director of Operations

Making a Difference

The team in our Daytona office has showed their dedication to our families countless times. They consistently own the details to make sure patients have everything they need and nurses have support. From welcoming new employees, to speaking with parents, this team is always going above and beyond to offer support and care.

“During a service call to talk about staffing, a mom expressed her gratitude that Family First is patient and supportive while not causing any extra stress for her while figuring out care for her daughter. She stated that she feels listened to and validated when she speaks with the office staff which truly makes a difference for her.”

– Meghan, Associate Director of Operations

Always Raising The Bar

Family First Daytona raises the bar in everything they do. From patient care to employee support, they are standard-setters in the world of homecare. Even during unforeseen circumstances, they ensure their families have the highest quality of care, sometimes collaborating with other offices.

“When Hurricane Ian of 2022 hit, I was out of power and trapped at my home for days. I was the operations personnel responsible for checking in on patients and field team members, and was not able to effectively do so. The director of the Jacksonville office stepped in and checked in on all Daytona’s AND Jacksonville’s families ensuring they were sheltered in a safe place and with power. This is an unquestionable example of collaboration with trusted colleagues.”

– Meghan, Associate Director of Operations

“Our success stems from the empathy, humanity and responsibility we feel to ensure each patient has the highest quality of care possible.”

– Meghan, Associate Director of Operations

At Family First, we promise to Raise the Bar, Own the Details, and Tell the Truth. Our Daytona office stands as a beacon of this commitment, serving as a hub of healing, support, and hope for families throughout our community.

Visit Family First Daytona at 149 S. Ridgewood Avenue, Suite 210, Daytona Beach, FL 32114.

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