Meet Our Family: Media Office

At Family First Homecare, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional pediatric home healthcare services. Today, we shine a spotlight on our Media office, where our dedicated team works together to support our patients and families throughout Pennsylvania. 

Welcome to Media 

Family First Media offers standard-setting pediatric homecare services for families in Pennsylvania. Nurses and employees have access to all training and resources needed to provide exceptional care.  

Meet Our Team 

Our Media team is a close knit group dedicated to the care of their patients and families. From the clinical manager, to the nurses in the field, the Media team is committed to collaborating and working together to make sure their patients are happy and home.  

“In our office, we often make visits to patient homes for holidays, like Christmas and Easter dressed up as Santa and the Easter Bunny! It is one of the highlights of seeing the patient’s faces. This takes a lot of coordination and planning, and the collaboration the entire office puts in to ensure that it goes smoothly is impressive. It shows how well we can work together to achieve a common goal and help improve patient experiences.”

– Amanda Langowski, Clinical Manager 

“Our culture is team-based. Everything flows systematically. There are a lot of interdimensional skills that go along with the work inside of the company.” 

– Shamyra, Service Coordination Manager 

Our Home Away From Home 

The Media office is a home base for all employees, from field nurses to personnel coordinators, to find support and resources to help them grow professionally and personally and provide the best care to our families. We often host exciting skills fairs and training events, complete with creative themes and comprehensive education. In the past, we have hosted Candyland and Wizard of Oz-themed events.  

“There is constant education, development, and training to allow everyone to grow in their role and provide excellent care and results. Providing these opportunities allows anyone to move to the next levels, gain a sense of accomplishment, and facilitate locations working at a higher level. This is not always available in different settings and is part of what allows Family First to flourish.”

– Amanda Langowski, Clinical Manager 

Making a Difference 

The impact Family First Media makes goes beyond patient care. They often go above and beyond to create small moments of joy for their patients and family. They are a great example of what it means to Own the Details.  

“In my time as a clinical manager, I have met and interacted with many of our patients! Getting to know them and their likes has been extremely rewarding. Building these relationships allows me to give a little sunshine when I arrive for visits, and they appreciate that I will try to bring a coloring book for the artist, or an extra stethoscope so they can mimic me, or someone’s favorite Slim Jims. Taking the time to show that you care for them as an individual goes a long way!”

– Amanda Langowski, Clinical Manager 

Always Raising The Bar 

Our Media office is always Raising the Bar. From professional development to patient care, they work tirelessly to deliver the highest possible standards of both care and communication to the families we serve and the team members we work with.  

“I love making sure our patients are cared for properly and fully staffed.”

– Becky Heitz, Service Coordination Manager

At Family First, we promise to Raise the Bar, Own the Details, and Tell the Truth.  Our Media office stands as a beacon of this commitment, serving as a hub of healing, support, and hope for families throughout the community.  

Visit Family First Media at 349 W State St, Media, PA 19063

Want to work with our Media team? See open positions here.