Caring With Heart: Pediatric Nurse Spotlight, Alyssa Boron

Pediatric homecare nursing is an exceptionally fulfilling field that extends beyond traditional healthcare. By providing care in the familiar setting of a child’s home, nurses build strong bonds with both the patient and their family. The impact goes beyond medical tasks, involving emotional support, building trust in relationships, and becoming an integral part of daily life. The story of our pediatric nurse, Alyssa, and her primary patient, Cassiel, shows the immeasurable impact of pediatric homecare.

Alyssa’s Story

Alyssa Boron joined the Family First team in September 2020, and since then, she has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the families she serves. Throughout her years of service, Alyssa has never hesitated to go above and beyond, always being there for families whenever and wherever there is a need. Her commitment is evident not only in her impeccable and thorough charting, but also in her constant efforts to Raise the Bar in providing care for our kiddos.

Alyssa’s loyalty and devotion have not only earned her the admiration of her fellow team members, but also the love and appreciation of the families and patients she works with. Her wholehearted, passionate, and enthusiastic approach to nursing makes her a shining example of professionalism. Alyssa takes pride in her profession, taking ownership of every detail in patient care, setting high standards in training other nurses, and educating parents. Her commitment to truthfulness in her everyday work is commendable.

Alyssa, Cynthia, and Cassiel at Cynthia’s Nursing School Graduation

One remarkable example of Alyssa’s impact is seen in her relationship with her patient Cassiel, a child she has been caring for since she started with Family First in 2020. Alyssa seamlessly integrated into Cassiel’s family, and allowed his mom, Cynthia, the freedom to get back on her feet. Cynthia pursued nursing school, graduated, and successfully passed her boards, enabling her to work full-time as a pediatric nurse for us (Win-Win!). Alyssa’s dedication and compassion played a crucial role in this success story, and watching both Alyssa and Cynthia grow throughout these years has been an absolute honor for our team.

Alyssa’s story is just one of many. If pediatric homecare sounds like the career for you, view our current openings here.