Meet Our Family: Clearwater Office  

At Family First Homecare, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional pediatric home healthcare services. Today, we shine a spotlight on our Clearwater office, where our dedicated team works together to support our patients and families. 

Welcome to Clearwater 

Family First Clearwater provides exceptional homecare services to children with life-long health conditions in Pinellas County, Florida. The city itself boasts white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, and a vibrant downtown area. Our team works hard to keep their patients healthy at home so they can enjoy life in Clearwater.

Meet Our Team 

The Clearwater team is made up of passionate and dedicated individuals focused on providing exceptional homecare services. Every individual, whether a nurse in the field or a personnel coordinator, contributes to our standard-setting pediatric homecare services.

“We are all very close here in the Clearwater office. We always make sure to work as a team and not against each other. It has been the best office/dynamic I have been a part of.”  

Alyssa, Personnel Coordinator, Clearwater

We’re all like one big family. We’re all there for each other and support one another. There is always someone you can confide in.” 

Clearwater Employee

Our Home Away From Home 

The Family First Clearwater team cultivates a warm and welcoming environment for patients and families. From seasonal office decorations to a dedicated skills lab, the Clearwater office is a home base for our employees to find the support and resources they need to excel.

“I’ve worked in pediatrics for years but never have I gotten to experience what it’s like to be a part of the total picture before until now. Not only has this job improved my adaptation skills by forcing me to take what was learned in school, combine it with available resources, and maximize care accordingly, but it’s also allowed me to expand what I like to call ‘chosen family’. At the end of every day, we get to clock out knowing that we gave our all, rather than knowing we had to do what we could with 10 minutes allotted to each patient. Being able to see the entire care team’s efforts come to fruition in children that need extra love, attention, and services has been one of the most rewarding experiences to date.” 

Kelly, Nurse, Clearwater

Owning The Details

“One of our kiddos splits custody between dad in Pinellas and mom in Hillsborough. Both branch offices have collaborated to keep the baby home. Both offices hold a weekly meeting so we can all connect and keep up to date with the case. We are so lucky to have nurses between both locations that are flexible with traveling back and forth. It’s so heartwarming to see this teamwork happen to keep this little baby comfortable at home.” 

Clearwater Employee

“We recently hand-delivered Valentine’s Day gifts to our field staff and kiddos. It was a charm they can hang in their rear view mirrors with a message that said “some angels wear scrubs”. The amount of heartwarming calls we got from our nurses and families directly saying how grateful they were for the gifts. One of our nurses told me that it was the most thoughtful gift she had gotten from an employer. For the kiddos, we gave them little pop-it hearts that they can hold. During a recert, the kiddo was still holding on to the heart and the guardian let us know he hasn’t let it go and he loves it.” 

Alyssa, Personnel Coordinator, Clearwater
Raising The Bar 

“I think caring for the well-being of the nurses and families is what makes Family First successful. Nurses are superheroes. Without them, we wouldn’t get very far with patient care. We truly believe that taking care of the nurses and making them comfortable allows them to provide the best quality care.” 

Clearwater Employee

At Family First, we promise to Raise the Bar, Own the Details, and Tell the Truth.  Our Clearwater office stands as a beacon of this commitment, serving as a hub of healing, support, and hope for families throughout our community.  

Visit Family First Clearwater at 13770 58th Street, Suite 317, Clearwater, FL 33760. 

Interested in joining the Clearwater team? View open positions here.