3 Benefits of Pediatric Homecare Nursing

Working in pediatric homecare is a meaningful and rewarding career. Pediatric homecare nurses care for babies and children with complex disabilities, investing in their quality of life and helping them achieve significant health milestones. Pediatric homecare is a cornerstone of nursing where you can make the most significant impact, experience tremendous personal and professional growth, and be given autonomy and freedom.  

Though there are many benefits of being a pediatric home health nurse, three stand out: impact, growth, and autonomy. 

1. Impact 

In a hospital or large healthcare facility, it can feel like you are juggling too many patients, running from room to room your entire shift. With pediatric home care, you can experience one-on-one care with a sweet child who needs your support. It’s an opportunity to provide meaningful care beyond a hospital room. You are entering your patients’ homes and lives, making a positive impact that will last a lifetime. 

The impact nurses make extends to the family as well. Homecare nurses work in the home of their patients, giving them the freedom to get to know patients and families in a way that isn’t possible in a hospital setting. With one-on-one care, nurses and families create lasting connections. You are assisting a child, giving them a quality of life that they couldn’t have without you. Studies show that pediatric homecare provides stability for the entire family. That impact is unlike any other; it means a lot to family members.  

“I definitely didn’t go into nursing school with private duty nursing as my goal and I without a doubt went into nursing school completely against pediatrics. But the joke is on me because I’ve been with this family for four years and it has been the most, gratifying, fulfilling experience of my life outside of my personal family. Not only having a front row seat, but a vital hands on role, of this little guys fight and journey to reaching goals he was never supposed to reach is really what has made private duty nursing the place for me.”

Jennifer, Nurse at Family First Homecare Houston

At Family First, we value our nurses’ connection with the patient and the family. We know the impact is life-changing and that nurses are the magic behind our services. That’s why we do everything we can to give our nurses the support they need, so they can best care for our patients. 

2. Growth 

Nursing is a broad career with many paths to choose from. Whether you are a seasoned nurse or just graduated from nursing school, home care nursing offers a career with many growth opportunities. From 2020 to 2030, the employment of home health nurses is projected to grow by 33 percent. You can take on new challenges and get the proper training necessary to feel confident in the care you provide.  

In pediatric homecare, nurses are caring for children with complex disabilities. Working outside of a healthcare facility requires a new level of adaptability and critical thinking. Nurses in this field must be quick on their feet, well-educated, and ready for whatever comes their way. This includes educating family members about how to care for their children. As a home care nurse, you will always be learning new techniques and technologies to best support patients’ individual needs.  

Through Family First’s preceptor program, nurses receive all the training to promote competence, confidence, and safety. We teach high-end critical pediatric nursing, communication skills, punctuality, professionalism, and more. Whether through our preceptor program or on-site training, don’t think that you’re not going to learn and grow at Family First! We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of care, raising the bar, and creating the next iteration of home care.  

3. Autonomy 

Nobody wants to feel micro-managed or like someone is always looking over their shoulder checking their work. At Family First, we tell the truth, own the details, and raise the bar. We trust our nurses to do the same! Building our nurses up on a foundation of trust allows them to do their best work.  

Home care nurses often work independently with their patients and families. We ensure our nurses have the training to provide the highest quality of care, including communication and professionalism.  

This autonomy bleeds over into scheduling. You are in charge of your schedule; that way, you can provide meaningful care without working yourself to the bone and sacrificing your personal life. Home care allows you to focus on your patient’s health without losing sight of your own.  

Family First ensures higher standards in everything we do, which include the support nurses receive. We will ensure you have the support to work independently and autonomously, feeling like you have control of your own life.  

Home health nurses at Family First get the best of all worlds. They provide exceptional one-on-one care for patients in a home environment, get all the training and support they need to feel confident working independently and autonomously, and will always have room to grow their professional skills.  

Are you ready to transition into pediatric homecare? Consider a career with Family First Homecare. Contact us to learn more about what we do, or apply today