Meet Our Family: Bradenton Office

At Family First Homecare, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional pediatric home healthcare services. Today, we shine a spotlight on our Bradenton office, where our dedicated all-female team works together to support our patients and families in Manatee County. 

Welcome to Bradenton 

Family First Bradenton offers standard-setting pediatric homecare services for families in Manatee County. Nurses and employees have access to all training and resources needed to provide exceptional care.  

Meet Our Team 

Our Bradenton team happens to be an all-female team running the show. The team builds its culture on mutual respect, shared goals, open communication, transparency, and commitment to growth. This team has a big focus on collaboration, working together to support their patients and each other.  

“Our culture thrives on honesty, innovation and accountability.”

Abbie, Director of Operations, Bradenton

Our Home Away From Home 

The Bradenton office is a home base for all employees, from field nurses to personnel coordinators, to find support and resources to help them grow professionally and personally, and provide the best care to our families. Our commitment to collaboration ensures that all our families are taken care of all the time.  

“I had a baby last year and was out for 6 weeks. During that time my team did not miss a beat picking up my job duties and they even broke a revenue record too! The fact that I can be out of the office and nothing falls apart goes to show the cohesion of the team I’ve worked so hard to develop. Even when we get called to train other teams or travel to other offices we are so dedicated to our families that nothing falls short.”

Abbie, Director of Operations, Bradenton

Making a Difference 

The team in Manatee County often goes out for team building and community outreach events, making a difference even beyond the day-to-day.  

“A favorite memory I have of the team happened at the end of last year before the holidays arrived.  We went to St. Pete to cook for multiple families that had children receiving treatment, waiting for transplant or ill that needed to stay close by their child and have the convivence of going back and forth to the hospital.  The Ronald McDonald house provides a safe space and food for the families that sometimes come so far away, to help alleviate the stress of caring for their ill child but also for themselves. Our team was able to cook a delicious meal at the Ronald McDonald house and meet a couple of families that were very thankful for the support.”

Kara, Service Coordination Manager, Bradenton

“We had a parent that was able to attend nursing school and graduate as a nurse. She sent us all photos of our client, her son attending her graduation with one of our nurses as well. Very heart felt memory that she shared with us.”

Mariah, Service Coordination Manager, Bradenton

“Being able to onboard one of our client’s moms as a nurse after we had been able to provide such great nursing care that allowed her to go to school and become a nurse was super rewarding!”

Abbie, Director of Operations, Bradenton

Always Raising The Bar 

Family First Bradenton is always going above and beyond, raising the bar in everything from patient care to employee onboarding.  

“I onboard nurses, so during their orientation I like to get to know them. I love hearing about why they are passionate about nursing and how excited they are to start the new cases.”

Katlyn, Personnel Coordinator, Bradenton

At Family First, we promise to Raise the Bar, Own the Details, and Tell the Truth.  Our Bradenton office stands as a beacon of this commitment, serving as a hub of healing, support, and hope for families throughout our community.  

Visit Family First Bradenton at 862 62nd Street Circle East, Unit 104, Bradenton, FL 34208. 

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