Pediatric Client Testimonials

As a Medical Foster Parent who has been working with medically fragile children for 36 years, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous home health agencies over the years, even giving some a second chance after being “promised the moon”. Family First is the sixth and hopefully last agency I will use in my home. Stephen and members of his staff sat with my family in our home and truly listened to what we wanted and needed. If something was questionable or they didn’t have an immediate answer we were told exactly that. They then followed up on it and Stephen came back to us with an answer. We were given no empty promises, as we had been by so many other agencies who just wanted us to sign the bottom line then leaving us with uncovered shifts and inappropriate nurses. Family First has never done this to us. Family First told us that the lead time to start might be a little longer but assured us that once they started, the shifts would be staffed and the nurses would be skilled and competent. They have succeeded in this completely. Our uncovered shifts are few and far between. Our nurses are appropriate for our children and completely meet their needs. They supply my home with 24/7 coverage for my children and night nursing for the ever-changing medical foster children that we care for are better than any other agency we have worked with. On the occasions that I have needed to call with a concern or question I have been treated with respect by office staff and replies were prompt if not immediate. I have and will continue to praise and recommend Family First. We are so thankful to have finally found a Home health agency that takes caring for children as seriously as I do. 

V.W – Foster Mom to Many 
Sarasota, FL 

I’m sending this letter in regards to Family First Home Care. I could not have made a better choice to have services with this company. I had services with other companies in the past and was not happy at all. The nursing care I’ve had in the past was not efficient at all and lacked communication. It appears they did not know what they were doing. Having Family First is the best choice I can make for my son. He has a neuromuscular disease and receives weekly infusions. The Staffing and nursing that is available to me at Family First exceeds anything I could have for my son. When I need access to Staff or nurses to change, I get with Erin and she makes it happen. The nursing staff that she uses are kind and caring. Erin listens to our concerns and takes everything into consideration. The nurses make the environment at my home comfortable we even have regular home visits from Erin and Sylvia to make sure things are going well. When Erin finds out that my son or any other family member is ill or in the hospital, she is the first one to reach out and make sure there is nothing else she can do for us in our times of hardship. The respect and care that my family receives means the world to us and exceeds our expectations. I could not ask for a better team of people to work with other than what is available for us right now.

T.H. – Parent of Client
Lehigh Acres, FL

I am a single mom of 2 and Family First Homecare has been nothing but awesome since myself and my daughter have retained their services for skilled nursing. From the first assessment, to the follow-up calls, they have been great! All the nurses are well trained as well as cross trained and are always involved in my daughter’s care. With my previous agency I hardly had any shifts covered. With Family First I have all of the competent coverage that I need. You cannot go wrong with choosing this Family First, and I highly recommend them. 
I.M. – Parent of Client 
Lehigh Acres, FL 

Family first has been a big part of our family for 3 years. Doug and his staff have always been very respectful and attentive to my son’s needs. They make sure each nurse is highly qualified for our case. What I really like about this company is the effort they put into making sure my family is comfortable in a not so comfortable situation. Doug and his staff always check in to see how things are going, and to see if any changes need to be made. The most important thing is my son is getting the care he needs and deserves. Family First is a professional top-notch company, and I highly recommend them.

C.I. – Parent of Client 
Sarasota, FL
The staff and nurses at Family First have exceeded our expectations in so many ways, they do everything they can to try to accommodate our family with our special needs and circumstances. When we have had a nursing problem (which is rare), the office management jumps on it and brings it to resolution quickly and professionally. I only trust Family First to care for my seven month old infant when I am not available to be with him. The nurses they send us have been highly skilled and knowledgeable and go the extra length to care for my son. I can’t sing enough praises over the office staff. They are loving caregivers, that’s for sure. We are grateful for all that they do for our family!
Thank you!
B.T. – Parent of Client 
Jacksonville Office

I am very satisfied with services and I am always fully staffed, I love my nurses and Family First!

D.A. – Parent of Client 
Jacksonville, FL

I am very happy with nurses and services provided, and highly recommend them to anyone who needs highly skilled nursing care.

S. F.- Parent of Client 
Jacksonville, FL

I am writing this letter to let to whatever it may concern that family first Homecare is the best agency that I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with quite a few in the care of my daughter. Not only are they high quality of service and excellent communicators, they are very competent compassionate people. I strongly recommend this agency to anyone that has a critical, fragile child like mine that needs advanced high skilled nurses. Their nurses go through advanced training for tracheostomies and ventilators which is provided directly by Family First. I have nothing but praise for Director of Operations Erin and the Clinical Manager RN Sylvia from the Fort Myers office and for their companies Respiratory Director Dan, and for the interventions that they have done on my behalf in caring for my child. They treat my child as if she were their own.

Parent of Client 
Fort Meyers, FL

Family first Homecare has made such a positive impact on my husband and my life for that I am forever grateful. The difference between them and all the other agencies that we have used is like night and day. Family First has well-trained highly competent advanced care nursing which is a must if anyone has needs like our child. We so appreciate Erin who runs the Fort Myers office as she genuinely cares about our family and our welfare. We also appreciate the advice and suggestions for the care of our son that we brought up to our pulmonologist by the respiratory care director Dan, which resulted in a different size trach for my child. What I can say is that these folks really care, I mean really care about our family. Before them our lives were filled with stress and anxiety as we never knew where we stood with the other agencies. The whole team at family first are like family to us and we strongly recommend them to anyone.

Parent of Client 
Fort Meyers, FL
My son, L.D., will be turning 5 years old on December 14th. This is a blessing. He was born with a very rare neuromuscular disease called X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy. XLMTM effects 1 out of every 50,000 male infants. There currently is no treatment for XLMTM. Many medical journals report that 2/3’s of XLMTM infants do not live to reach their first birthday. The disease essentially causes severe muscle weakness throughout the entire body. Infants usually have to immediately be ventilated upon birth and require medical life support measures. There is no cognitive deficit.
I am happy to say that L.D. is now almost 5 years old thanks to the incredible Private Duty Nursing care he has received through Family First Home Health. He requires 24/7 monitoring due to his complex medical needs. My home is like a small Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He has a tracheostomy and a g-tube (feeding tube). He is on a ventilator 24/7. He is fed through a tube in his stomach; it’s full life support. He is entirely dependent on skilled, licensed nurses for his care. He relies on them for everything. His body is very weak. He has no head/neck control. He cannot stand or roll over. He can go into respiratory distress easily. He is not able to cough hard enough to clear any mucus in his lungs and therefore we have to do it for him by suctioning down his trach. He sometimes requires oxygen.
We have made it through the most difficult trials and tribulations this year thanks to Family First and the care L.D. has been receiving from his current nursing staff. He is medically thriving. Thank you Family First for making a huge difference in my son’s life!
E.H. – Parent of Client
Palm Harbor, FL

They are an excellent company that provides excellent service. All the nurses are highly trained and efficient at what they do. They take care of Ariana very well and they treat her as if she was their own child. Family First office staff is kind and does a great job. They have always been a pleasure to work with.

S.F. – Parent of Client 
Jacksonville, FL
We have had Family First as our nursing agency since my daughter came home from All Children’s Hospital. From day one we have had amazing support, not just from the nurses in the home caring for our daughter but from the clinical team all the way down to the person that staffs our case. Our daughter is very high skilled requiring 24/7 nursing. She is dependent on a tracheostomy and a respirator. She is currently on a transplant list for a double lung transplant. Most recently we were prepared to withdraw life support as we were told she was no longer able to keep fighting. During this difficult time Jennifer the Director of Nursing and her clinical team continued to reach out and even made visits to our daughter and family while in the hospital. Without this agency and their skillfully trained nurses our family honestly does not know where we would be in managing all the complexities of her care. We will stay with this agency for as long as our daughter requires skilled nursing. This a wonderful company and their nurses deserve to be paid based on their high skills and commitment to their patients. We have heard horror stories from other parents with home nursing and we are happy to say that we have never experienced anything other than professional and high skilled care. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your understanding of how important this issue is to all of the medically complex children and their families in the community with which you serve.  
With regard,
K.T. – Parent of Client
Tampa, FL

The nurses are all very professional and highly skilled, they arrive on time and genuinely care for my son. I truly value the communication that Family First Homecare provides. I recommend them to everyone that has a critical special needs. 

C.G. – Parent of Client

Community Partner Testimonials

Family First Homecare is a fantastic dependable company that services many of our complex patients. Their nurses are up to date in their skills and always willing to learn the many unique and complicated nuances of our patients. The team at Family First Homecare is committed to patient care in the ever-changing state of healthcare. They remain focused to the needs of our population and are a reliable and valued member of our healthcare network. The Director of Nursing, Jennifer Lang is an experienced cardiac nurse who is well, advocates for high quality clinical nursing care. Family first is dedicated to providing a safe transition from hospital to home. Family first staff actively works to reduce infection at home and readmissions into the hospital. One of the pleasures of working with family first is that they engaged in transparent communication.
Please open their services to more insurance companies as well as consider raising the rates for these exceptional nurses.
We use family first Homecare for as many patients as we can because they truly care about the well-being, safety and welfare of our complicated patients.
Pediatric Case Management Care Coordination
Children’s Hospital 
Tampa, FL 

Family First Homecare has always provided very responsive in relaying time-based information. The process of clear and consistent communication when excepting referrals has reduced the frustrations that occur with hospital to home transitions. Family First has excellent customer service as they communicate with well-planned information when accepting one of our critical care children, as well as putting together a clear concise action plan.

J.H. – Social Worker
Children’s Hospital 
Jacksonville, FL 

Family First is very reliable and is always willing to look at referrals to see if they can provide services. They are willing to meet with the family and try to work it out instead of just declining the referral. All of our families that have Family First are very happy with the services being received.

Center for Medically Complex Children 
Jacksonville FL

Family first has been a very reliable proficient resource in the care of our patients that they service. Dan Netto their Director of Respiratory, as well as the rest of the highly qualified staff has always given extreme attention to detail and have always been proactive in the care of our patients. They are willing to make suggestions on how we might better serve the patients, as well as being our eyes and ears in the home.

Pediatric Pulmonology Specialists
Tampa, Florida

I want to start first by saying Family First Home Care came to my aid at a time where I really needed help. In dealing with a very serious health condition I contacted many home care agencies, many where I knew people. I was told over, and over why they could not help me, they said things like; “to old, not old enough, not on a trach., etc”. But when I contacted Family First, not only did they help me Jordan their Director of Business Development just after speaking with me briefly, got out of his chair and drove a good distance to meet with me personally at my home and squared everything away. For that I will be forever grateful. The college now works with Family First and they attend all of our Career Fairs, have hired many of our graduates, and current students. Their VP of Operations sits on our Advisory Board. They also assist me with some of my in-class seminars as it relates to getting a job, resume writing, and all other aspects of becoming employed as a nurse. All members of their team have always treated myself, and my colleagues with respect, as well as all of our students here at Jersey College, School of Nursing. As a Career Services advisor for this college I deal with almost all Home Health Agencies, and so many other types of healthcare facilities. Dealing with Family First Home Care is by far superior and is a pleasure to work with.

A.L. – Career Services Advisor
Local School of Nursing 
Tampa, Largo & Jacksonville, FL
Family First Home Care has been and will continue to be my preferred provider for all 10 of my branches. I have never worked with an agency as reliable or professional. The clients we refer to Family First have all been satisfied. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs home care.
K.J. – RN/Florida Director of Nursing
Healthcare Provider Group
All Locations

As a DME company it is seldom to work with a knowledgeable and thorough nursing agency that is on top of every detail when it comes to patient care and safety. Dan Netto their Director of Respiratory always makes recommendations with supplies and ensures patients and their families understand the proper use of equipment and procedures. They truly make a difference and allow us to work together to take better care of our patients.

J.K. – Territory Manager
Critical Care Provider in Florida
All Locations  
I have worked closely with Family First Homecare since they opened, and they are my “go-to” referral for all my clients in need of skilled and unskilled nursing care. I really appreciate that they provide nursing oversight and that is what separates Family First from their competition. The quality of their staff is second to none. 

M.M – Esq., Attorney At Law

I have worked closely with Family First Homecare over the past couple of years. They are my first choice for private duty nursing for our SNF patients post-discharge from our center because of the excellent service they provide. Not only do they respond quickly to our patients and their families, but they also provide nursing oversight that makes all the difference. I highly recommend their services for successful outcomes!

V.M. – Director of Admissions
Local Rehabilitation Center
Tampa, FL
We have worked with Family First Home Care for several years. They have provided exceptional care and service to our patients. They have provided quick responses to help coordinate our safe discharges without a delay in our 
patient discharges. Their nursing oversight makes a difference in the care and progress our patients. We highly recommend them.
Thank you
Director of CM/SW/TCC
Local Hospital 
Tampa, FL

Family First Home Care is and will remain a preferred provider for our assisted living community. Family First provides professional, well trained staff. Family First is ethical and well run and we happily recommend this business to others and support their continued success.

Assisted Living Facility of Brandon 
Tampa, FL

I am a case manager with an Orthopedic Institute in the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement program. I have worked with Jordan Schacht for a few years now and he has been instrumental in the continued care of our patients upon discharge. His current role as Director of Sales at Family First Home Care has been a great asset for our patients. Family First has become a great resource to use when our patients discharge home for some assistance as needed. They are prompt, kind and very communicative with any concerns the caregivers may have about the patient. Family First Homecare has been an instrumental resource we use consistently to ensure our patients are able to return home safely to recover. We have had great responses from our patients that have used these services, and many have continued to use their services ongoing. 

J.P. – BPCI Case Manager
Orthopedic Institution

Family First is always willing to accept cases, their nursing staff is exceptional and office staff is beyond exceptional. We are proud of the relationship we have with Family First.

Infusion Therapy Company
Jacksonville, FL
Family First is a very reliable, highly skilled nursing agency that takes superior care of our patients.
K.H. – M.D., F.A.C.S.
J.M. – M.D.
Children’s ENT 
Tampa, FL

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