Critical Care Transitions Program: What to Expect

Getting your loved one home from the hospital is both exciting and unnerving. Leaving a hospital with 24/7 care and state-of-the-art equipment and supplies can cause some anxiety. Making the transition from critical care to pediatric homecare is a big decision, but with Family First’s Critical Care Transitions Program, you can undergo the process with confidence.  

At Family First, we work closely with case managers and pediatricians in NICUs and PICUs. We often hear concerns about the complex process, which is why we’ve designed the Critical Care Transitions Program. We bring together a special team of qualified and experienced nurses and healthcare professionals to ensure a safe and easy transition. Our patients’ safety is our number one concern. Peace of mind for parents is number two.  

As a parent, it can feel overwhelming to prepare yourself, your home, and your child for the transition to pediatric homecare. You may not know what to expect when transitioning from the hospital to your home. When going through our Critical Care Transitions Program there are 4 big things you can expect: Care Coordination, Hospital Rapport, Nurse Education, and Pediatric Teaching.  

Care Coordination 

A daunting part of the transition process can be coordinating multiple different care providers, such as primary care providers, specialists, and homecare nurses. Family First offers a comprehensive service to coordinate all the care your child will receive. We go beyond our own walls to develop relationships with your medical communities to remove the burden of coordination.  

Hospital Rapport 

When your child leaves the hospital, you won’t have a doctor right around the corner to answer questions and provide support. Fortunately, Family First prioritizes the relationship between your child’s caregivers and physicians. We maintain consistent communication to ensure proper support and care as your child’s needs change and develop.  

“Family First Homecare is a fantastic dependable company that services many of our complex patients. They nurses are up to date in their skills and always willing to learn the many unique and complicated nuances of our patients. We use Family First Homecare for as many patients as we can because they truly care about the well-being, safety, and welfare of our complicated patients.” 

Pediatric Care Coordinator, Children’s Hospital, Tampa, FL 
Nurse Education 

Not only do we maintain contact with your child’s doctors, but we also have highly trained homecare nurses providing top-of-the-line care to your child. Each nurse on our team goes through patient-specific training so they are equipped to support every need that your child may have and more. Our comprehensive training includes tracheostomy and ventilator management, respiratory-related diagnosis, adult and pediatric respiratory care, and durable medical equipment. You can rest assured that our pediatric homecare nurses are well-equipped and prepared to safely provide complex care.  

Pediatric Teaching 

Family First Homecare values education beyond our own nurses. We are committed to becoming a pediatric teaching organization to improve pediatric homecare across the industry. Families like you are in need of advanced skill sets in order to safely provide care in complex medical situations and we are dedicated to providing that.  

“As his parents it’s hard to trust anyone to care for your child let alone a child with significant needs but Family First Homecare made that transition seamless and easy with their open communication and understanding that the nurse has to be a perfect fit all around.” 

S.K., Cape Coral, FL 

When you choose to work with Family First Homecare, we will assign your family a highly skilled team to walk with you and guide you through the transition process and beyond. Our priority is for your child to safely transition home and for you to have peace of mind throughout the process.

Let’s get you home. Contact us.